Advice for employers

1 in 7 working people are juggling their paid jobs with caring responsibilities outside work.

Without support 1 in 6 carers give up or cut back work because the challenges of balancing their work and caring responsibilities simply becomes too much.

Having a ‘carer friendly’ workplace for your employees can make a significant difference to retention and productivity, and help you get the best results for your organisation and staff.

We can support you to be a carer friendly employer:

  • Good practice for managing carers in your workforce
  • Support with developing ‘carer friendly’ policies
  • Training for your workforce/HR team
  • Methods to support carers in the workplace – for example drops-ins and Carer Champions
  • Employment support pack

If you’d like to talk to us about making your workplace more supportive for carers, please get in touch. 

National support and advice 

Carers UK’s Employers for Carers online resource provides comprehensive information for employers to support and retain employees who juggle work with care.

The site gives employers access to best practice guidance for supporting carers in the workforce, including a manager’s handbook, employer toolkits and e-learning modules such as Carer Aware.

How to access Employers for Carers

Employers in York can sign up as a member using free York code #EFC6282