Taking care of your health

Being busy looking after someone else means that it can be hard for carers to take the time to look after themselves.  Being healthy is not only important for the carer but it also helps the person they look after too.

We support carers to look their own health through groups, activities and one to one support.

Health checklist for carers

The health checklist for carers booklet below has been designed to help you to think about your own health and caring needs. The questions are for you to complete whenever you have a spare minute to yourself.You don’t need to do it all in one go, you can always go back and complete another section at another time.

You might want to do it just for yourself,  or you might wish to share the results with a health or social care professional.

This may help them to help you.

Tell your GP you are a carer

Make sure you let your GP know that you are a carer. They will record this on your notes and they may be able to offer you extra support.


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