I didn’t see myself as a carer, in the traditional sense..

“When I first looked for support for myself as a family member of an addict, I was pointed to York Carers Centre.

I hesitated as I didn’t see myself as a carer in the traditional sense.

I thought that, as a carer, you needed to care for your family member on a day to day basis, probably including their physical and practical care, and I wasn’t in that situation.

It was clear from York Carers Centre’s website that there was a group dedicated to families of people addicted to substances, so that emboldened me to contact them to find out more. I spoke to staff member Sam Ferguson who was very reassuring, and explained that, for the purposes of the group, I would definitely qualify as a carer.

I’ve since joined the group and have been attending for some years, finding it a lifeline.

I think others in my situation may hesitate for the same reasons, but I would urge them to persevere as I found the process of joining the group clear, easy and welcoming.”


If you’re looking after a family member or friend because of addiction, ill health or disability, we’re here to support you.

For our specific groups for family members and friends supporting someone who has an addiction, please visit our “Supporting someone with an addiction” page.

Please get in touch for free support on 01904 715 490 or enquiries@yorkcarerscentre.co.uk