What Matters To You?

In July we held an event for carers to come together and share what matters to them.

Lots of carers attended, along with Craig Waugh, the Adult Social Care Commissioner from City Of York Council. 

There was a great deal of discussion and lots of issues were raised, as well as some positives recognised. 

The key topics discussed were: 

  • Respite: is there enough provision, consistency, suitability, age appropriate 
  • Accessibility in York: roads, paths, benches, language, stigma 
  • Information: knowing what is available, around topics like entitlements and services 
  • Mental health: crisis support, managing behaviour (for example with dementia) 
  • Young people: transitions, systems, activities 
  • Social and health care: accessing GP’s, pharmacies, care homes, care providers 

We really appreciated carers taking the time to come and share their views, and we aim to hold similar events in future to enable you to input regularly. 

The Carers Action Group will be agreeing which of the above topics can be taken forward at their meetings. 

We welcome any new carers to the Carers Action Group, and the next meeting is: Wednesday 17 November from 10 am to 12pm at Friends Meeting House, Friargate. 

Please book by contacting events@yorkcarerscentre.co.uk or 01904 715 490.