Staff team

Our staff support a wide range of services for carers

Carole Zagrovic

York Carers Centre Chief Executive Officer

Julie Crosby

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Finance and HR

Matt Boulton

Office Manager

Andrea Goldsmith


Lowra Kitchingman

Communications Officer

Andrew Davies

Benefits Advice Worker

Shirley Monteith

Advice Worker

Samantha Ferguson

Training and Volunteer Officer

Sharron Smith

Lead Officer for Adult Carers

Fiona Hick

Carer Support Worker

Alison Wheatley

Carer Support Worker

Alice Lloyd-Jones

Carer Support Worker

Ali Gear

Carer Support Worker

Jess Tomori

Lead Young Adult Carer Worker

Rebecca Robinson

Carer Support Worker

Amy Copeland

Lead Officer for Young Carers

Chris James

Young and Young Adult Carer Support Team

Hannah Crosby

Young Carer Support Worker

Leah Nicholson

Young People's Support Worker

Will Preston

Young Carer Support Worker