How do I know if I’m a young carer?

Do you…take on responsibilities at home because someone in your family is disabled, has been ill for a long time, experiences mental ill health or misuses drugs or alcohol?

Do you…feel you miss out on doing things after school or at the weekends because you have to help someone at home?

Do you… worry about how your relative is behaving or feeling and do you worry about leaving them alone?

Do you…worry about what might happen to your family if you talk to someone about any of these things?

If yes, then you might be a young carer.

There is lots of information and help.

You can get in touch with us or ask someone you trust to give us a call, such as a member of staff at your school. Go to our registration and referral page to register with our young carer service.

We can come and speak to you at home or at school. We do need to speak to your mum or dad but if you are nervous about this then we can discuss it with you first.

Online support

If you prefer to get support online have a look at the Carers Trust website for young people: Carers Trust Young Carer Support.

We have also collected lots of useful online sources of help, see our Useful Resources for Young Carers.