Young Carers Action Day 16 March

Young Carers Action Day, and the experience of being a young carer.

Words provided with thanks to our volunteer D

This years theme is, ‘Protect Young Carers’ Futures’

There are a variety of impacts of being a young carer. Here at York Carers Centre, we recognise that there are many positive impacts that the caring role can bring, and we want you, schools, and employers, to recognise, and value, these too!

The focus of Young Carers Action Day is on sharing the skills that young carers acquire in their caring roles, and in doing so, completing a Young Carers Skills Card.

What’s the skill card for?

Young carers have lots of skills. Fill in the card and use it on social media to tell people about the skills you have gained as a young carer. It’s important that schools and employers recognise and value these skills. By sharing your skills you will help improve support for young carers, to protect young carers’ futures.

What’s it like being a young carer?

“Being a young carer is a subject matter that is often spoken about in a negative light, I will acknowledge that on some days being a young carer was difficult. However, I would struggle to do so without acknowledging that there was so much more to being a young carer than omnipresent negativity, or pity. As somebody who was a young carer, who later went to university in a different city, I was one of the only ones in my flat who could cook a half decent meal, whilst keeping the kitchen clean, holding down a part time job and shopping towards a budget!

There may have been difficult moments in my caring role, but from these difficult moments grew skills, strengths and development, which I now cherish deeply, and which benefit me greatly in my general life, and in my roles of

Young Adult Carer Katharine also illustrates the experience of being a young carer from age 10 in her interview on Sky News on Young Carers Action Day.  Take a look at her Sky News interview here. 

To know how we support young carers please have a look to our young carer page.