Important information for emergency contacts

This information is for people who have been asked to be an emergency contact by a carer who is registering with the Carers Emergency Card Scheme.

What is the Emergency Card Scheme?

It is a scheme for carers who may worry about what will happen to the person they care for if
they (the carer) is taken ill or has an accident or emergency.

Carers have an emergency card that they keep with them at all times. In an emergency anyone
who finds this card can contact Warden Call using the emergency telephone number on the
card. Staff at Warden Call will look up the carer’s details and phone their emergency contact. The scheme is a partnership between York Carers Centre and City of York Council’s Warden Call Service

What information does the carer give?

Carers complete a registration form that gives details about them and the care needs of the
person they look after (an emergency plan). They can also give contact details (name,
address and phone numbers) of up to 3 people to contact if there is an emergency.

What counts as an emergency?

“a sudden, unplanned and temporary situation where the carer is not able to provide the care they usually provide, and the carer is prevented from making temporary arrangements themselves.”

Who can be an emergency contact?

A friend, family member or neighbour who is willing to be contacted in an emergency, but not
someone who supports the carer or cared for as part of their job. They may need to provide
some short term care but that will depend on what is included in the emergency plan.
Contacts do not have to live nearby if the carer is happy that they would be able to provide an
appropriate level of support in an emergency, for example over the phone. The carer who has
asked you to be an emergency contact will discuss their emergency plan with you and let you know what is expected.

What happens in an emergency?

Warden call will phone first emergency contact listed on the emergency plan. If they are not available they will phone the second emergency contact listed, and so on, until they manage to contact someone who can help.

If an emergency contact can help then Warden Call won’t ring the other contacts, or visit the
cared for person, unless they are asked to.

If no emergency contacts are available to help then Warden Call will send a mobile warden or
agency staff to visit the cared for person and decide if they are at risk if they are left alone.

Emergency telephone numbers

Contacts may need to get in touch with Social Services to arrange additional help:

  • 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday: (01904) 555111 (Initial Assessment and Safeguarding Team)
  • out of office hours (including weekends): 0845 034 9417 (this is the Emergency Duty Team)

Contacts may also find it useful to have other phone numbers, such as the number for the GP
of the person being cared for.

What we do with the information we hold about emergency contacts

Your details are stored by City of York Council’s Warden Call Service, and York Carers Centre for the purposes of this scheme to ensure emergency support is provided to the person being cared for. This information is stored securely and will only be used in an emergency.

All contact information needs to be kept up to date and we ask carers to ensure that the
details of their emergency contacts are updated when needed.

If Warden Call ring you in an emergency the conversation will be recorded.

To find out more

phone: (01904) 715490
write: Carers Emergency Card, York Carers Centre, 17 Priory Street, York YO1 6ET