Volunteer Vacancies

Updated June 2019

Listening Volunteers

Do you have a couple of hours a month to spare on a regular basis to provide unpaid carers with an occasional companion and a listening ear?
We are developing a new area of work where volunteers will help carers who are lonely, isolated or in need of a few hours company a month. It might be to go with them for a cup of tea, to a group or appointment, or to sit with the person they care for to enable the carer to pop out.

Young Carer Volunteers

Would you like to support young carers to access our activities and get a well earned break from their caring role? We have volunteer vacancies for regular drivers to our youth groups and helpers at groups, trips and activities. This might be two trip sessions over the summer or a couple of hours once a month as a regular driver.

Fundraising Volunteers

We have a range of fundraising activities planned for the year, we’d love helpers to get involved who can spare a couple of hours to help out with the activity and receive donations for York Carers Centre from the public. This type of volunteering is great for anyone who’d like to give one or two hours of their time on a one -off basis to help a good cause.

Administrative Volunteers

If you’d like to support our administrative work in the York Carers Centre office we’d love to hear from you.¬† This could be on a regular weekly, monthly or one off basis.


If you are interested in any of these volunteering positions but would like to discuss them before sending in the Volunteer Application Form please phone us on 01904 715490.