Caring and Coping with bereavement, grief and loss

30/11/2021 10:15 am - 12:00 pm

This series of Caring and Coping will focus on bereavement, grief and loss, and be facilitated online by counsellor Christine Bailey.

The sessions will provide carers with an opportunity for quiet reflection, small group discussion and sharing of their experiences of loss, grief and bereavement and look at how we maintain our wellbeing and enhance our resilience in the face of loss. 

Workshop 1: The care we give to others

In this workshop we will explore the system for caregiving, with which carers will be very familiar.  What messages do we bring from our early lives that tell us what sort of carer we should be?  How has the way we give care to others been changed by the losses we have experienced?  How has it influenced the way we are dealing with our losses now?  Does our old style of care-giving still work for us or can we update our programming to give us more freedom and flexibility?

Workshop 2: The care we get for ourselves

Have our losses meant that our usual sources of support are no longer available?  Even people who look after others can ask for care for themselves to ensure their own needs are met.  Where people have not had responsive caregivers in early life, they often find it difficult as adults to ask clearly for what they need, or don’t dare to ask in the first place.  In this workshop we will explore the system for care-seeking and learn ways of asking effectively for help in the face of loss and grief.

 Workshop 3: Rekindling and sharing our interests: friendship and intimacy

In this workshop we will look at the barriers to pursuing our interests that can arise through loss, and also how our interests, passions and hobbies can help us cope with our losses.  We will explore the value of pursuing and sharing our interests with people as skilled and enthusiastic as we are.  We will also reflect on the importance of recognising and valuing our sexual selves, and acknowledging the impact of loss and grief on our intimate relationships.

Workshop 4: The “F” words: Fight, flight, freeze and flop

In this workshop we will refresh our understanding of the biological responses of fight, flight, freeze and flop and how they relate to loss, grief and bereavement.  Does grief feel like fear, as C S Lewis so poignantly wrote on the loss of his wife many years ago?  Might our fear of losing someone or something in the future be impacting on us today?  What steps might we take towards controlling our own fear so it doesn’t control us?

Workshop 5: What goes on inside us

In this workshop we will explore “what goes on inside us” – our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, and how these can change when we suffer a loss.  We will reflect on some methods to stop, challenge and sidestep the constant internal chatter that many of us experience and which can undermine our ability to cope.

Workshop 6: What is just outside us

In this workshop we will explore the part our immediate environment plays in maintaining our wellbeing and reflect on the influences that inform the way we shape our surroundings.  We will discuss how our homes, gardens and pets might be changed by our losses, and also how they might help us cope with loss and grief.

More information: The course structure will be provided by the McCluskey Model of attachment which describes how our 7 innate, biological attachment systems work together to maintain our wellbeing and enhance our resilience in the face of loss.

Where: Sessions will be online.

When: Tuesdays from 9 November to 14 December from 10.15am to 12pm.

To book please contact: or 01904 715 490.

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