COVID-19: Services, support and advice

Updated: October 2021

Our services and support

All of our services, support and groups are available either in-person, digitally or via telephone. Please see our events calendar for our support groups and event details, or get in touch on 01904 715490.

Government advice for carers

Help from City of York Council

If you’re on your own and struggling to manage or you don’t have any support, but need it City of York Council have set up a COVID-19 helpline, contact or call 01904 551 550.  Please also continue to refer to City of York Council for general COVID-19 guidance.

‘I am a carer’ Letter

If you’re worried about having to prove that you’re a carer whilst carrying out caring responsibilities during periods of social restrictions we can provide you with an NHS and York Carers Centre letter to show that you are a carer registered with us.

Carers may need to leave the house regularly for some of the following reasons:

  • Shopping for supplies for the person they care for
  • Collecting prescriptions
  • Cooking, cleaning, or helping with personal care
  • Paying bills

If you are out of the home carrying out essential caring responsibilities we would recommend that you carry with you either:

  • A DWP carers allowance entitlement letter
  • A copy of an NHS shielding letter sent to the person you care for
  • The official identification letter provided by the NHS and York Carers Centre to unpaid carers registered with us – please get in touch with us to request a this letter if you need one.

Please note we can provide the official carer identification letter to any unpaid carer living in York, or caring for someone who lives in York. If you live in a different area please contact your local carers centre who may be able to help.


Unpaid carers are one of the priority groups for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Your NHS Patient Record will identify you as a carer, and it is these records that are used to coordinate the COVID-19 vaccination programme. If you are concerned that your GP practice doesn’t know that you care for someone who can’t manage without your help, please let your GP surgery know and a Carers Flag will be added to your record.

Carers Trust have published new information about the Covid-19 booster, see the FAQ here.


  • We have compiled a range of national and local coronavirus resources which may be helpful to carers (see the ‘in this section’ menu).