Be young carer aware

It’s Young Carer Awareness Day on 30 January 2020

Organised by the national Carers Trust, the theme this year is Count Me In, calling on schools to identify young carers and ensure they receive the support they need and deserve. Recent research has shown that one in five secondary school children may be a young carer,  and for many their caring journey begins at a much younger age.

To mark the event we’ll be working with local schools. We’ll be supporting schools to run assemblies and events to raise awareness of caring amongst pupils and staff.

Here are some actions that schools can take to support young carers all year round:

• Get in touch with the local young carer service  to learn about what support is available for young carers, schools and colleges. In York the local service is York Carers Centre, for other areas use this postcode checker: 

• Make sure to understand the legal rights of young carers and where to signpost them to support them to access their legal rights.

• Commit to appointing a lead staff member to ensure that young carers are counted and that all staff are young carer aware.

• Put in place systems to record and track the number of young carers and their attainment, attendance and wellbeing outcomes.

• Download the Carers Trust Count Me In! resources and campaign pack for Young Carer Awareness Day in January 2020 and support staff and pupils to use it.

• Hold a special assembly to celebrate the amazing things young carers do and to inform staff and learners about young carers’ rights and the support available for them.

• Share success – tweet about what your school or college does to support young carers to achieve their ambitions #CountMeIn.

If you would like to know more about our work with schools, or the young carer service please contact Amy Copeland, Young Carer Team Lead on